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Traveler Reviews of Winter Paradise RV Park

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don't camp here!!!!!!!!!

This park is from the 1950s bad power and water outdated bathrooms and showers NASTY. Many transient people crime is bad lots of drugs police in and out several times a night for complaints. permanent residents moving out fast due to managements failure to properly deal with all the riff raff they allowed to move in to the park. not even safe to walk in the park after dark just a real cheap place to camp.STAY CLEAR IF YOUR SMART.

Nasty park

Outdated electric system. Bad streets. Police often called in for trouble. Manager not cooperative in dealing with renters. Permanent units not taken care of. Many for sale. Rent excessive for what you get. Cheap - allowing for undesirables to come in.

this is a great park!!

When I saw these reviews I was shock!! These 2 reviews were most likely ask to leave!! The management dose a good job keeping the worms out. They do a police check on everyone that comes in I go to this park all the time I have seen management go to sites to ask them to leave because they have fractions toward them. The police visit this park on a daly basis not because they are called they are doing there job!! As for crime and drugs that not happening either!! The management screens that out real good. This is a great park I go there all the time and the Management is wonderful and helpful as for the streets what bad steets!! Go to this park and have a good time lots of things to do that management plans for you. Don't listen to these 2 bad reviews most likely they were ask to leave.

Rent or Buy

This park participates in Neighborhood watch. Everyone is nice and they make sure that the community has plenty of things to keep you from being bored; from swimming pools to shuffle board, billiards and darts, bingo and puzzles. We even have a Tiki Bar! This quiet park has Lots for RV's and Lots you can either rent or buy.

I think the competition is jealous.

It looks like to me that other RV parks are just jealous cause Winter Paradise Resort has better prices and don't rip people off of their social security money. Every place has it's ups and downs. Best thing to do is drive into there at night and check. Ask other residents how they like it.

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Hudson, Florida
USA, 34667
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