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worst campground

we had reservation the end of aug for 2 weeks. when we pulled in the park manager met us and I have never seen a more filthy person. we said he has been working hard. they put us by the laundry and as soon as we stepped out all u could smell was sewer. my wife wanted to leave then, which we should have but we stayed. the following day they were mowing by out motor home and they were blowing sticks and sand all over it. during the third day, my surge purtector, i had to keep resetting cause i think they had power serges all the while. the fifth day I got to know alot of people that stay there year round, I came to a conclusion that all the want to stab everyone in the back. no one had a good word for the manager, they say that he just took the campground over. we decided to leave cause the sewer smell never got better. we asked for our money back cause we paid for 2 weeks. NOTE: everybody in the campground has golf carts and they just drive through our site whenever they want for a shortcut to the sewer plant. TURTLE BACK gives a bad name for camping.

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Turtleback RV Resort Inc

Address of Turtleback RV Resort Inc
190 CR 488,
Lake Panasoffkee, Florida
USA, 33538
Phone of Turtleback RV Resort Inc
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