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Pine Lake RV Fountain, FL

This is by far the absolute worse rv park I have ever stayed. The owner was by far rude and very unprofessional. If you like an owner to dress in black and hide out behind the trees at night watching your get together or driving by slow next to your camper at night when he can see through the window then you should stay here. The owner harasses the campers there without identifying himself and then when confronted about the harrassement, evicts the campers even though they are paid up for 3 more weeks. We were given 4 hours to leave knowing we were an hour away having lunch and we were told that if we were not moved in 4 hours we would be escorted out by the sheriff. Owner made allegations against a camper stating he was cussing and yelling at owner. Owner didn't realize there were witnesses to the conversation who stated otherwise. When at the office trying to settle the refund, he is speaking in spanish to his wife and when asked to speak in english so that we would know what was said, he stated this was his business, we could not tell him how to run his business and continued to speak in spanish. He will charge you for anything you do extra at the park and if you are doing something he hasn't previously been charging for, he will then start charging. Another camper was working for him, once they gave their notice to leave he refused to pay her the money he owed her for working. If you see this campgound, save yourself alot of trouble and keep driving.

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Pine Lake RV Park

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21036 US 231,
Fountain, Florida
USA, 32438
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