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bad sevice. rude employees

i loved this place

we just spent the weekend there we had a great time.the employees were great and help full.they had a air boat show there and they had john anderson the country singer there it was great and they did not over chare us to see him .i would tellpeople to go there .

Rude & Shady

Just got home from our second stay at the cabins at East Lake Fish Camp. We live down the road but our air conditioner broke, and we have a 11-week-old baby. It's the middle of the summer so we had to get an alternative place to stay while my husband fixed the air. This happened to us just a few weeks ago as well. Both times the employees were rude and apathetic. They do not care about you, only your money. I paid for two nights up front because the previous time we just paid as we went but they didn't like that and gave us a hard time. So to avoid that I paid for two nights up front. Fortunately my husband fixed the air timely so we didn't need the second night. Although 95% of all their cabins were vacant they wouldn't refund me for the second night (checked out at 8:30 am). The manager said, "72-hour notice policy". And that was it. He wouldn't discuss or negotiate. He wouldn't look me in the eye. He did not care. So they got to keep my money. I understand if I had cost them business but like I said the place was empty. So they're free to rent that room out again tonight and make double the money. This is just one instance of rudeness, greed, and apathy we've experienced both with the main Camp and the restaurant employees. We have sent so much business their way over the past six years. Every time our family comes in town we have they stay at the cabins. We take our family there to eat, go on air boat rides, and all. But after being treated so poorly we will no longer suggest anyone stay there; we will discourage it. And we of course will stop spending our money there. No need to pay to have someone be rude to you. I hate to say this but I should have expected nothing less from the backwoods folks running that place. Lesson learned. I suggest going elsewhere as there's plenty of other places in Florida to enjoy.

Tent or pop upcamping not good

We spent one night here because an organization to which we belonged had a breakfast event here. The total price for the space in a tent sight was $28.66. The bathrooms are very old and not clean. There are no shower curtains on the showers. The people in the office were not friendly. The surroundings are lovely. We are motorcycle campers and travel across the US staying at campgrounds. This one ranks at the bottom of the list of places to stay.

this place is so bad.all the employes are very rude.they dont like kids and they think there shit dont stink,the prices of everything is to high you can go to the coast and camp alot cheaper them you can here. i will not spend my money there again until they get new mangement.

I have been going here for about 15 years is this is the worst mangement I have ever seen.they are very rude to the kids that want to play there.the price of everything keeps going up the service keeps getting worse.this place use to be somewhere nice to go to when they had the right mangement,until they change the mangement i will not do business here again.

Needs New Management!!!!!!

We recently attended an event at the East Lake Fish Camp, Security was telling us to leave, when management/store personnel had told us we could stay. Obviously their communication is lacking! Security was swinging a big long flashlight at us in a threatening manner and cursed at my husband. The whole duration of the clean up, Security kept driving around harassing us. The pavilion that they rented to the party was unsafe, a large crack in the concrete floor that everyone kept tripping on and eventually one person ended up injured.
As for the Restaurant, it has steadily went down hill. e.g. Cold Food, Wrong Food, Quality of the Food and High Prices. We have been coming to the restaurant for many years and have went through 3 different management teams, this one is by far the worst!
As for the positive...the Park is beautiful and the Trees are awesome! Love the country setting!
This place could be a "Gold Mine" with the proper management!


The people were very nice, polite, informative and helpful. Other campers were friendly. The food was excellent and the service was too !


The people were very nice, polite, informative and helpful. Other campers were friendly. The food was excellent and the service was too !

Very Dirty and very rude managers

Very dirty gross and very rude manager Blond who thinks her shit does not stink! Would not recommend to anyone. Laundry room gross and bethrooms have not been cleaned in years..also rooms had bugs all over went and purchased my own bug spray and checked out the next day! Gross

East Lake fish camp/as it should be!!!

I found this place 30 years ago. Loved the way it was, and a perfect description is (fish camp!). It is not Hyatt, or ever budget inn. If you want clean, neat, nice and all that other stuff go elsewhere. Fishing is good, bait is plentiful and there is fishing supplies, with cold beer and pool table for hell raising if wanted. And, being a yankee in an old Florida fish camp, there will be Hell raising. In the end, they like us and we like them, pricing is good, and we cook our own food!
So, you are warned to keep children and some woman away!!!
Jim T

what the heck is going on here

I have been going here for almost 20 years and now it seems it is at a all time low managers aare always to busy to speak to anyone the staff in the front store are moody and don't seem able to help you with any thing one female in particular I remember being extremely rude to me was Brenda because of her rude ways I will not be going back . it was always a fish camp and now they don't even carry bait they changed their name to a rv park and resort but still has all the same run down bath houses and cabins all though givin with what they can work with the two housekeeping girls do a great job in the past two months I stayed in 3 different cabins and they where always clean and very well kept and the girls always have such a helpful positive attitude, the restaurant has its good nights and its bad, I guess it depends on whose cooking and serving that night .
After speaking to a few residents on my morning walks I heard many complaints about the management avoiding them and again they also felt the need to complain about the same Brenda girll in the store so it lets me know it wasn't just more she was rude to its just how she treats all the guest in the park., I feel they should fix the pool and have more activity and some more live music and instead of painting everything actually fix things up. needless to say thanks to how I was treated I will no longer be continuing to frequent the fish camp or BOGGY creek rv park and resort any longer.

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